Oppo all models flash tool free activation crack file

Oppo all models flash tool free activation crack file

How to use Download Tool and MsmDownload Tool

  1. First of all, download the file and extract it
  2. Now, continuously install two files: PDAnet.exe and CodeMeterRuntime.exe
  3. Open CodeMeter Control Center and select File > Import License and navigate to the OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001… in the extracted folder and choose Import
  4. If you see the License Activatedmessagemessage on the software window, that means it’s successful
  5. 5. Now, open the DownloadTool file and remember to put together with the ROM folder, you will no longer see “CmDongle runtime system..” warning message. But keep in mind it’s not completely cracked
  6. Now, return to the OPPO_ALL_TOOLfolder, and run Enable.exe and select the Enable 

    7. Next, return to the DownloadTool folder and tick on Format Download
    8. you to use oppo all versions flashing tool Upgrade Download msm download tool

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