root & cmw for SM-G930F/D SM-G935F/D (S7-S7edge)

ROOT for Official Stock Nougat 7.0 (100% Working) – All Exynos Models (Tested it on SM-G930F/D SM-G935F/D)

By rooting you may lose some and gain some. Be careful in what you are doing.
Read each and every step mentioned in this post carefully and then start working on Root.

If you’ve any fear about the root. Please stop it here and close the window 


  • This is working on Exynos (SM-G930F) S7 Flat and (SM-G935F) S7 Edge models! (Should also work on all the Exynos Models)
  • This will erase your phone so be sure to backup anything you need
  • Your warranty is VOID Knox flags 0x1 or 0x500
  • I’m not responsible for damage to your mobile or loss of warranty!

Things that may not work:

  • No official OTA updates (Of-course)
  • All Knox Based Apps (Samsung Pass, Secure Folder, Samsung Pay, S Health)

But you can get the above working – We have some ways to make them work even after root. Please Check that after the root process below 

Here are the instructions to root your Nougat:
Instructions are similar to Marshmallow. Main thing to note here is – Use the latest supersu build.


Samsung Drivers
SR2-SuperSU-v2.79 or above versions.


  1. Enable OEM unlock & Debugging Mode in the Developer Options
  2. Reboot your device into Download mode. To do this, hold the [Volume Down] + [Home] buttons for a while.
  3. Once you reach the Download mode warning screen, press [Volume Up] to continue.
  4. Open Odin and place that TWRP tar file in the [AP] slot and disable Auto-Reboot and click on “Start” by connecting your phone.
  5. When its done flashing, Hold [Volume Down] + [Home] + [Power] to get out of Download mode and immediately swap to [Volume Up] when the screenblanks.
    If you don’t see TWRP boot splash, try again.
  6. At this point, you will reach the screen asking you if you want to allow system modifications.
    By swiping right, you will trigger dm-verity, and if you don’t follow the next step you will be unable to boot!
    If you are going to root your device and follow the rest of these steps, then it is safe to swipe right and enable modifications.
    If you want to use Systemless DevBase, then do not swipe. Keep it as read only.
  7. Go to Wipe and click on format data. Type “yes” and it will format.
  8. Now go back to home and click on “Reboot” then click on “Recovery” Option.
  9. Now Transfer the above downloaded filed into your Phone or Memory Card or OTG Pendrive.
  10. Now again click on Install and flash the Super SU. Only the latest Super SU is working fine with no issues. Do not use the old versions.
  11. You can now click on reboot > system
  12. It will take about 5 Min and boot. Done. You’ve got the Nougat rooted.

After the fresh boot, you will setup everything. Once you are in, you can observe a notification.
This is a security notification – unauthorised actions have been detected. Restart your device to undo any unauthorised changes

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