Change Boot Logo on MediaTek Smartphones MTK

Change Boot Logo on Any MediaTek Smartphones


  • Rooted Mediatek chipset smartphone
  • Smartphone Flash Tool, MTK drivers and Logo builder tool for Windows
  • Your default logo’s logo.bin file
  • TWRP or Clockwork recovery (Optional)
  • A PC or laptop

Download Logo Builder & Other Tools

These are the files that you will need to change boot logo on MediaTek smartphones. Download them all and install in your Windows PC.
Required Tools Download Links
Smartphone Flash Tool Download
Logo Builder for Windows Download
All MTK drivers FIles Download

Steps to Change Boot Logo on MediaTek Smartphones

  • Download and install all the programs we provided before on your Windows PC or laptop.
  • You have to visit the manufacturer website to obtain the logo.bin file. Download your stock firmware from the site and extract it to find the file logo.bin.
  • Open Logo Builder tool that we downloaded, click New Project. Select the logo.bin file that we have found. This is where you edit the logo as per your own tastes.
Steps to Change Boot Logo on MediaTek Smartphones
  • Edit the logo image as much as you like and click Make button to pack the logo.bin file again.
  • You will notice two files created in the destination folder: logo.bin and We can use either file to proceed. Each file can be used in a way to get the logo into your phone’s boot.
Steps to Change Boot Logo on MediaTek Smartphones
  • Now open the Smartphone Flash Tool and flash the logo.bin file. This will do the trick. After a successful flash, your new boot logo will replace the older one in your smartphone.
  • If you have any custom recovery tools like TWRP recovery, use the Transfer it to the phone and flash it with any of the recovery tools.
  • Restart the phone and you will now notice the boot logo now changed.
That is all from us now. Hope this helped you to change boot logo on MediaTek smartphones. If you enjoyed the method and the outcome, share it with your friends. Drop a comment below if you have any queries or feedbacks.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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