Fix Custom binary blocked by reactivation lock 2017

Fix Custom binary blocked by reactivation lock 2017

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Solved! Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock, S6, S7, on5, on7, on8, j2, j3, j5, j7, a5 a7, A8 note 4, 5, 7

Custom binary blocked by reactivation lock

Solution found for Custom binary blocked by reactivation lock and now working like a charm…. I was about to take it in for warranty tomorrow but KNOX would have created an issue once i am there.

Solved!  on5, on7, j2, j3, j5, j7, a5 a7, A8 note 4/5 S6, S7, S8
I turned on reactivation lock, not realizing the repercussions. Upon rebooting my phone the first time after turning it on, I got the message saying “Custom binary blocked by reactivation lock”. And I could not get past that initial screen. You should still have access to Download mode, which I did (Vol down + Home + Power).

Full Process of Solve Custom binary blocked by reactivation lock

Bypass Google Samsung Galaxy J2 Verification Step – 100% Working – without OTG
Bypass link
Samsung Firmware
Samsung Driver
Samsung Odin flash tool


Your Samsung Smartphone should have at least 30-40 percent of phone better to perform the flashing process.
Download and install Samsung USB Driver on your computer. In case you have already installed the Samsung USB Driver on your computer then Skip this step.


Download (Stock ROM compatible with your device or if you have already downloaded the firmware then ignore downloading it again) and extract it on your computer. After extracting you will be able to see this kind of files:


Now, you have to boot into Download mode. To boot into Download Mode: Press and Hold Volume Down Key, Home Key and Power Key. When Device vibrates Leave the Power Key but Keep holding the Volume Down Key and Home key. You will boot into the Download Mode.
In the Download mode you will be able to see a Warning Yellow Triangle Sign. In this situation you have to press the Volume up key to continue.


Download and extract Odin on your computer. After extracting you will be able to see the following files:
Now, Open Odin 1.85 and connect your phone to the computer
Once you have connected the phone to the computer, Odin will automatically recognize the device and show “Added” message at the lower-left panel.
Once your device is detected by Odin, click on the “PDA” button and select the tar.md5 file that you have extracted in Step #2.


Now, click on the “Start” button in Odin to begin the Flashing process.
Once you see, the Green Pass Message then remove the USB cable from the device (during this process, your device will restart automatically).
Now switch on your device and after reaching Google verification screen.

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