Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SCV-31 G925J AU KDDI Japan Done Easy.


I am so thank full to present such a solution for the viewers who were long searching for unlocking SCV-31 (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ).Especially a Japanese region Samsung S6 Edge.

Thanks for those who create such a big solution for other at free of cost.First I take no credits for this solution. This solution was found in this forum, with instructions, links to files provided by other generous members who are willing to share. Many people are trying to make money out of this free solution. Some are trying to charge as much as US$70 for this free solution by contacting me by private message when I asked for help. I only want to give a better instruction how to unlock this model.Such a easy way but you need a two box which was describe on the below of the post.
First, of course, you need this great box, Z3X. Then you need SPT box to write super IMEI.
Files you need, thanks to vietmobile for sharing:


Must you have to know “BEFORE DOING ANYTHING”, WRITE DOWN THE ORIGINAL IMEI # somewhere. Make sure you know the original IMEI. You have to write original imei in further process.Clearly read the above process first.
1). You have to use that Flash Combination file which was previous download using Odin. After flashing, phone will be in Factory Binary Mode. Tab one Android logos at the bottom of the screen to get to dial pad and enter *#0808# and select DM+MODEM+ADB then OK.
2). Use Z3X, select the SCV31 model and go to Repair tab and press on Reset MSL.
3). Here you have to Write down the phone’s original IMEI# somewhere and save it. Use SPT box and go to Service tab and in Repair IMEI, enter this super IMEI : 358012060753038 (this is an original factory unlocked IMEI) Use C3300 UART cable( auto ignition cable) and write new IMEI to phone. After it finished, check to make sure you have the new IMEI in phone.
4).Then, Flash FULL flash files (BL, AP, CP, CSC) and no need PIT file, using Odin.

5). After flashing full flash files, inset any SIM card, phone boots up and go to WIFI and turn on. Go to Settings>>About>>SIM card status. You should see Status: Not allowed. Tab on “Update SIM card status” at the bottom of the screen then wait until it finished and reboot. Go back to SIM card Status again and see if it shows Status: Allowed. If it is, then you’re good to go to the next steps.

6). So,Repeat Step 1,2, and 3, except in Step 3, enter phone’s ORIGINAL IMEI. After all steps done, check to make sure you have original IMEI in phone now.

7). Now flash FULL flash files (BL,AP,CP,CSC) again. After flashing is done, phone should be now UNLOCKED.
 Important note:- Changing IMEI  is illegal,Don`t use other phone IMEI it`s a crime.

N-joy friends stay with us.

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