Tools for china tablet flash ( LiveSuitPack )


Livesuit pack is an one of the application (tools) which is mainly help you to flash Stock Rom,update Firmware (Img ) on unbrick,bricked android tablet including Allwinner A10,A13,A20,A31 chipsets.Here on this page we have to managed to share the working version of Live suit.

Feature of LiveSuit

 Flash stock Firmware:
This tools allows you to flash the stock firmware on any Allwinner based Chipset devices.Simply load the img firmware in Live suit and click on the SymUpdate to begin flashing.

Upgrade Wizard:

This tools itself provide step-by-step instruction,so that you can easily load the firmware on your devices.Like,once you load the Live Suit application,it will ask whether to enter upgrade guide or not,and if you select yes,it will start guiding the steps to load the firmware.


 Important information keep in mind

  • How to use live suit: Live suit, is made to work for Allwinner A10,A20,A31,A13 chipset (CPU) based device only.It may not working properly for other chipset.
  • Caution:During the system upgrade process your personal data will be loose,backup your personal data as possible.Battery must be fully charged.

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