China tablets flashing manual All in one Here

  • Upgrade steps:

 Unzip the upgrade tool and USB drive to your hard drive
Double-click the LiveSuitPack10x_english.exe file, it will automatically install the driver files.
Click “OK” to complete the driver installation.
 Open LiveSuit.exe
Double-click to open the upgrade tool LiveSuit.exe.
 Select the firmware
Click the “Select Img” button (the first button from the left) to select the firmware .img file.
Turn off your tablet
 Press the key combination to start it in the upgrade mode
a. Press the “Vol -” key, then press the “Power” button, hold two buttons at the same time
b. Connect the USB cable to tablet and computer
c. After connecting the USB cable, press the power button 6 times quickly or hold the “Vol -” keys and the “Power” button for more than 6 seconds (you should get a pop up window if done correctly , if not repeat step 5 from beginning)
d. Don’t release the “Vol -” button till the LiveSuit window pops up
e. You can now release the “Vol -” button
(Note: If you install the driver at this time the pop-up dialog box, the path to point to installation directory UsbDriver LiveSuit folder, click Next to complete the driver installation prompts).
You should see LiveSuit window pops up; otherwise, you didn’t do it correctly, you have to repeat step 4 and 5.
 Select the format to force upgrade.
Livesuit prompt “force format”, click “Yes” (Y). All of the original apps installed will be removed.We highly recommend mandatory format! ! ! Otherwise the update is not complete and may brick! ! !
Upgrade begins.
Pop-up “OK to force format” dialog box, select “Yes”, the upgrade begins.
 The upgrade is complete.
Firmware download process last about three and a half minutes or so, please wait until the prompt “upgrade successful.”
 Automatic restart.
After the upgrade is complete, your tablet will automatically restart, then you can unplug the USB cable.
Slow start-up for the first time, please be patient.
If the machine does not restart automatically, press and hold the Power button for 8-10 seconds or more to ensure the power switch off, then press the Power button 3 seconds or more to turn on your tablet.
 Congratulations! You have flashed the firmware.

  •  Requirements:

 Windows PC
 USB Cable
Upgrade tool (LiveSuit.exe)
Firmware image file
 Windows USB driversUpgrade Steps:

This procedure works on any china tablet.

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